Parajet Volution 3 (Robust Frame)



BZPG Note: The price shown above is for the chassis only, as there are several engine options to choose from with this frame. You'll find engine specs and total prices in the chart near the bottom of the page.

Volution 3 - A Parajet....your way. Volution airframe with your choice of engine.

The latest generation of Volution Powered Paraglider respects its heritage without being a slave to it. The Volution 3 is pure Parajet – the culmination of all the experience gained through our pioneering design, engineering innovation and Powered Paragliding expertise.

Before considering the enhancements we wanted in the latest Volution, we thought about what you might want to get out of it. Through a series of refinements we were able to improve the geometry and flight characteristics with every improvement serving a purpose. It’s a subtle change, but it makes a dramatic difference – you feel it the moment your feet leave the ground.

You’ll notice how balanced it feels, yet responsive for those more dynamic pilots – the sum of it all is the most refined Volution ever. Exhilarating to fly and easy to take with you wherever you go.

4-part Aerofoil cage - Great strength and rigidity
The Volution 3’s unique 4-Part Aerofoil Cage has been optimised to be compact and transportable, without compromising its great strength and rigidity. The Parajet connection system clicks together quickly so that you spend more time in the air doing what you love.

The larger cage diameter allows pilots a great choice of propeller size for improved fuel efficiency, while the increased cage depth positions the engine to offer improved protection from the spinning prop. The smooth aerodynamic aerofoil design helps to reduce drag and makes the Volution 3 look as good as it flies.

Durable Aluminium Chassis - Unmatched rigidity and strength
The Volution 3's chassis incorporates some enhanced engineering and design to improve its power-to-weight ratio and in-flight geometry allowing you to maximize performance without sacrificing efficiency. High-tension, wide-profile aircraft-grade alu-magnesium alloy uprights offer unmatched rigidity and strength to safeguard you through even the hardest of knocks. On the ground, the V3's wider stance offers greater stability and control so you can completely focus on your flight preparation and ‘hub-to-harness’ checks.

Articulated Pivot Arms - Comfort and safety built in
The 'swan-neck' articulated pivot arm system uses a unique and distinct attachment system for unrivaled safety. The arm pins are secured into the chassis using a distinct interlock system that ensures all parts stay engaged and prevents the possibility of the arms ever becoming detached whilst in flight. The pivot arms themselves are designed to improve your comfort, maneuverability and precision allowing you to fly in unison with your Powered Paraglider. This amalgamation of engineered features ensures you benefit from a safe and enjoyable flight with total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment.

Mid/Low hangpoints - An extension of your body
The combination of the mid/low hangpoint attachment and articulated pivot arms culminates in the ability for you to control direction without the ongoing control input. Known as weight-shift, this dynamic feature works through your weight effecting the orientation of the pivot arms, which in turn provides input into the wing. Weight-shift enables you to emanate the agile characteristics of free-flight with maneuverability so precise, that the Powered Paraglider feels like an extension of your body.

Aero fuel tank design - Fly better for longer
The Volution 3's fuel tank isn't just about its sleek, aerodynamic design. It’s 15 liter fuel capacity increases the V3's range, redefining your possibilities for exploration and adventure, allowing you to fly more freely than ever. The tapered design helps lift the center of mass closer to the thrust line improving overall weight distribution and handling. The repositioned filler cap moved away from any hotspots improves safety, while the easier access achieves greater practicality and faster refueling out on the field.

Parajet Harness
- Not just a harness, but the focal point of your whole experience
The Parajet Powered Paraglider harness has been designed around the pilot, placing you at the center of your own flying experience. It makes flying a Parajet a very special place to be. Lightweight materials and slender buckles amplify a simple uncluttered design, with great attention to detail and no compromise in safety.

The incredibly high comfort level allows your Powered Paraglider to feel like an extension of your body, allowing your full focus to be on the intuitive and supremely balanced handling; no more distracting aches and pains – just hours of fun doing what you love!

Engine Specs

Engine Type 80cc 130cc 190cc 190cc 190cc
Weight 26kg 28.5kg 27.5kg 29.5kg 30kg
Power Output 15hp@9500rpm 21.5hp@8800rpm 27hp@8000rpm 27hp@8000rpm 27hp@8000rpm
Static Thrust 48kg (105lbs) 65kg (143lbs) 70-75kg 70-75kg 70-75kg
Starter Pull Pull Pull Flash Pull Electric
Propeller 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix
Price $7,550 $7,550 $7,595 $7,795 $8,150
Engine Type 200cc 200cc 250cc 250cc 185cc
Weight 32.5kg 33kg 33.5kg 29.5kg 28.5kg
Power Output 28HP@7400RPM 28HP@7400RPM 36HP@7500RPM 36HP@7500RPM 25HP@7800RPM
Static Thrust 75-80kg 75-80kg 85kg 85kg 68kg
Starter Pull Electric Pull Electric Pull
Propeller 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix 2 Blade Helix
Price $7,850 $8,395 $8,895 $9,450 $8,250