Student Resources

FAR Part 103 is a document that describes the rules regarding paraglider flight in the United States as set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. Paragliders are considered ultralight vehicles.

The Pilot Proficiency rating system explains USHPA's requirements for getting P1, P2, P3 and P4 ratings. The paragliding portion of the document starts in the middle of page one. Bozeman Paragliding requires the student attend a Maneuvers Course before being signed off as a P4.

Ground School Conversations - Virtually everything on this list has been covered during lessons, in the book or in the supplied instructional video. If there are words or concepts on this one page list that you don't understand, please Email Andy with questions.

Right Of Way - Keep these rules in mind as you begin to fly with other pilots in ridge soaring and thermic conditions.

Getting Good - Tips from Andy on how the best pilots got so good.

Telephone Numbers: (program these into your phone!)

A.S.O.S. (Automated weather briefer):
Gallatin Field: 388-4882
Mission Field: 222-2338

Local Waivers & Rules:


Club Membership Application - $25/yr helps pay for access to Story Hills and Bear Canyon


Mt. Jumbo Site Rules - Call the airport before and after you fly

UM Sentinel Waiver - Sign this waiver before flying Sentinel

Online Resources:

Twitter BZPG - Text 40404 and type "follow bzpg" in message box

Paragliding - Discussions about everything involving paragliding

U.S.H.P.A - Your national free-flight organization and insurance providers

Para2000 - A great resource for comparing wing statistics

Cross Country Magazine - Quality international magazine of free flight