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2023 World Championships of Paragliding

The 2023 Paragliding World Championships (Worlds) will be held from May 20th - June 3rd in Chamoux Sur Gelon, France. This competition is held every two years and qualifying for the team involves flying well in various competitions spread over the previous three years leading up to this event.

The US Team for 2023 consists of two female pilots, Galen Kirkpatrick and Violeta Jimenez, and three male pilots; Evan Bouchier, Josh Cohn and Andy Macrae. Pam Kinnaird has volunteered as our team leader to keep track of any news, scoring issues, logistics, and generally doing most of the busywork so that the team can concentrate on flying well.

We will be in France for about three weeks. With the various expenses of airfare, food, lodging, entry fees and many other expenses, the team is looking at "hard" expenses totaling around $35,000. This does not include time away from work. If adding that in, the price to compete is somewhere around $60,000 total for the team.

We are looking for help with the "hard" expenses and asking you - fellow pilots, friends and relatives - for a donation of any amount. If you can donate, please go to our GoFundMe page:

GoFundMe 2023 US Team

Or Venmo our Team Leader:


If you'd like to donate via this Bozeman Paragliding (Andy's) online store, enter the dollar amount you'd like to donate in the quantity box and click "Add to Cart." You'll then go through the checkout and payment process like any other online store, with several payment options including PayPal, credit card, cash or check, etc.

You can follow our results and see photographs of the event via these channels:

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