Parajet Zenith (Lightweight, Portable)



BZPG Note: The price shown above is for the chassis only, as there are several engine options to choose from with this frame. You'll find engine specs and total prices in the chart near the bottom of the page.

The Revolutionary Zenith
The world’s first CNC-machined paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight maneuverability.

Strap on the Zenith and suddenly, it’s clear. A paramotor manufactured by robots to give unrivaled precision and consistency in its production, coupled with launch and in-flight geometry so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body.

Industry leading design - It's the little details that make the big picture
Our designers work side-by-side with a world class team of pilots to understand, hone and extend the complexities of paramotor design. We feel that the Zenith represents the best translation from desire, through concept, to production.

The Zenith goes beyond the bounds of what has been done before and delivers in both its innovative design and enhanced performance. With each revolution comes progression, and the Zenith is the next giant leap.

Dynamic flying experience - Feel the performance, maneuverability and comfort
The Zenith offers exceptional dynamics and performance combined with an engaging flying experience. Its high strength and rigidity improves the Zenith's power-to-weight ratio. The engine and fuel tank have been positioned to create superior airflow, reduced wind resistance and increased fuel efficiency while offering the best possible thrust line and in-flight maneuverability.

Compact and portable - Easily take your Zenith with you.
The Zenith is designed and built to be lightweight, compact and easily portable.

The unique connection system enables the Zenith to be easily put together, and once dismantled can fit into a large suitcase making it one of the most compact and transportable paramotor units available. With its efficient plug-and-play design, spare parts can be easily replaced and carried in small, lightweight packages.

Customizable and adaptable - Fly the paramotor you've always imagined
The Zenith's styling is the ultimate expression of design, craftsmanship and modern technology to create the paramotor you've always wanted. With a choice of engines and countless anodized color combinations with interchangeable parts, there are so many ways for you to personalize the Zenith and give individuality to its look. From every angle the Zenith looks fresh, innovative and sexy!

Features Unique to Parajet and the Zenith:

  • Aerofoil Cage
  • "Swan Neck" pivot arms
  • Hinge Block connectors
  • Ergonomic Offsets
  • Quick-Release Fuel Tank
  • Lightweight Harness

Engine Specs:


Thor 130

Thor 200

Bailey V5

Overall Weight (kg) 19.8 27 28 28
Engine Type 80cc 2-Stroke 130cc 2-Stroke 193cc 2-Stroke 195cc 4-Stroke
Engine Weight (kg) 12.6 13.8 17.5 15.8
Power Output 15hp@9500rpm 21.5hp@8800rpm 29hp@7400rpm 20.5hp@8000rpm
Static Thrust 48kg (105lbs) 65kg (143lbs) 80kg (176lbs) 60kg (132lbs)
Starter Pull Pull Pull/Electric Pull
Propeller 2-Blade Helix 2-Blade Helix 2-Blade Helix 2-Blade Helix
Price (USD) $7,595 $8,150 $7,995 $8,750