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AJ Dayvie SPOT Verizon Bozeman Track Me
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Josh Pierce SPOT Verizon Livingston Track Me
Lisa Dickinson SPOT Verizon Bozeman Track Me


A tracker is an essential piece of safety equipment for flying in Montana. However, it is only useful if it's set up with the correct profile for the area where you'll be flying (i.e. the correct people will be notified when you send a message).

Live tracking is a must as well in the case that you're unable to push the "Help" or "911" buttons.

Bring your tracker with you and turn it on (including live tracking) at the Hogback, Antelope, and any other flying site, even if you're just ridge soaring or taking a sledder.

If you're not on this list, but would like to be, Email Andy with your Shared Page URL, type of device (InReach or SPOT) and your cell phone carrier.