Parajet Maverick (Lightweight, Portable)


INNOVATIVE FEATURES - The little details make the biggest difference
When you look around a Parajet paramotor you’ll see the difference. We strive for perfection in everything we do, without compromise. So when you buy a Parajet paramotor you know you’re flying an aircraft engineered by the best in the business.

LIGHT, TOUGH TITANIUM DESIGN - Giving "ordinary" the cold shoulder
Lightweight, but never too lightweight, using high-performance titanium alloy, Parajet engineers have provided Maverick with a strong and functional structure that delivers a remarkable flying experience. The Parajet Maverick will make sure you’re up there, escaping, in the simplest way you know how.

ARTICULATED PIVOT ARMS - Comfort and safety are inseparable
The ‘swan-neck’ articulated pivot arm system uses a unique and distinct attachment procedure for unrivaled safety. The Maverick cage design prevents the possibility of the arms ever becoming detached whilst in flight. The pivot arms themselves are designed to improve your comfort, maneuverability and precision allowing you to fly in unison with your paramotor. This synergy of features ensures you benefit from a safe and enjoyable flight with total peace of mind and confidence in your gear.

TAKE THE ADVENTURE WITH YOU - Make more of your time in the sky
When it comes to practicality, there is no compromise. The Maverick is extremely practical and ultra-portable. You can assemble within minutes, using the plug-and-play connection system giving you more flying time and less hassle. Maverick ‘Sport’ and ‘Pro’ models ship impeccably packed and protected in the custom Travel-Case, making it even easier to take Maverick wherever the adventure leads.

UNIQUE 10L FUEL TANK - It can only be Maverick
The super modern polygonal design doesn’t just look incredible, it also helps you to measure your fuel with the tip of the side polygon pointing at 4 liters. Parajet engineers have experimented with thickness and size, all helping to shave some weight. The Fuel Tank is tucked away behind the pilot eliminating drag and the tapered design helps lift the center of mass closer to the thrust line, improving overall weight distribution and handling.

A CAGE FOR A NEW AGE - Innovation, strength and safety
Designed to achieve that perfect poise with weight, strength and safety, the Maverick cage is everything a pilot needs. Eight slim Titanium tubes summon a sense of weightlessness, but joining these tubes with the all-new Snap-Fit Net creates a synergy that can only be Maverick. With no visible joints and all snag areas eliminated you can enjoy a smooth launch every time you fly.

MID / LOW HANGPOINTS - An extension of your body
The combination of the mid/low hangpoint attachment and articulated pivot arms culminates in the ability for you to control direction without the ongoing control input. Known as weight-shift, this dynamic feature works through your weight effecting the orientation of the pivot arms, which in turn provides input into the wing. Weight-shift enables you to emanate the agile characteristics of free-flight with maneuverability so precise, that the paramotor feels like an extension of your body.

FREEDOM IS SIMPLE - Breathtaking performance without overwhelming choice
Uncompromising quality and performance, blended with a simpler design; the Maverick offers even easier access to the incredible sport of paramotoring. If you simply want to fly, get out there and explore the sky – the Maverick was designed with you in mind. Without broad engine and color choices – just grab your Maverick and take flight.

Three Options:

Inside the box, you’ll find a strong and light Titanium Chassis featuring plug-and-play connection and the easy Snap-Fit net. High-performance Vittorazi power and a Parajet harness that is truly focused on comfort.

Getting one up on Maverick, the Sport runs cooler and weighs even less. Displaying the same innovation and benefits as Maverick, the Maverick Sport also features, Carbon Cooling Shroud, lightweight Carbon E-Prop and Maverick Travel Case.

Pro by name and nature – for those who think two grams are worlds apart. With the same lightweight features as the Sport, Maverick Pro also includes a CNC engine block, Titanium Exhaust, Carbon Silencer, Carbon AirBox and Maverick Travel Case.


Maverick SPORT

Maverick PRO

Maverick Titanium Chassis Maverick Titanium Chassis Maverick Titanium Chassis
Moster 185 Plus Moster 185 Plus Moster 185 Plus
25hp @ 7800rpm 25hp @ 7800rpm 25hp @ 7800rpm
68kg (149.91 lbs) Static Thrust 68kg (149.91 lbs) Static Thrust 68kg (149.91 lbs) Static Thrust
2-Blade Carbon Helix Prop Lightweight Carbon E-Prop Lightweight Carbon E-Prop
Parajet Harness Parajet Harness Apco Split Harness
24.5kg Combined Weight Carbon Cooling Shroud Carbon Cooling Shroud
24kg Combined Weight Carbon Silencer & Airbox
Maverick Travel Case CNC Engine Block
Titanium Exhaust
21.5kg Combined Weight
Maverick Travel Case
$8,125 $8,590 $9,850