Paramotor Lessons (P2 + PPG)


P2 ----> PPG2
Bozeman Paragliding takes a different approach to paramotor training - we take the student through full P2 Certification before adding the weight and intricacies of the motor. This encourages proper inflation, launch, flying and landing technique before ever strapping on the motor. The subsequent transition to powered flight near the end of the course is smooth and easy. The $2,500 fee is for the P2 certification, so the total for a P2 and PPG2 rating is $2,500.

Regarding equipment, we've teamed up with Parajet USA. Their frames come with several engine options including Polini, Vitorazzi and Top 80. We've found that Parajet's products are well made, easily repairable and their customer service is great. Parajet USA is located in Washington state and they often have replacement gear in stock and ready to ship.

We have access to a private grass landing strip just a minute or two outside of town where we do most of our local (Bozeman) takeoffs and landings, but we also enjoy going west of town to Amsterdam for motorized flight. There are no fences or power lines, but plenty of open space and rolling wheat and potato fields, perfect for playing and learning on a motor in any wind direction. We only go to Amsterdam with the tow truck, so between the towing and the motoring, it makes for a great evening. We're typically cracking open a cold beverage and giving high-fives as the sun is sinking into the Montana horizon.

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