SupAir Walibi 2 (Tandem Pilot, Split-Leg)


Walabi 2
Highly comfortable harness, compact and light for the tandem pilot.

Airbag + mini Bump, Split-leg + removable mini seat-plate to facilitate the running phase and increase the comfort level in flight.

The WALIBI has been overhauled for 2013: new dorsal storage pocket and a smaller reserve parachute pocket (ideal size to accept the tandem light rescue parachute). New color scheme and graphics. An overall new look except for the internal structural skeleton and the seating arrangement which have been proven overtime.


  • Tandem pilot
  • Body posture: upright


  • Airbag under the seat Pre-equipped with the Pre-Inflation Wire System®
  • Mini Bump protection between the pilot's back and the parachute container
  • Dorsal reserve parachute container with right or left reserve parachute handle locations
  • 30 mm Self-locking stainless steel buckles
  • Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar locking mechanism
  • 30 mm Self-Locking Biners
  • Self-stabilizing leg-strap system

Gear / Comfort

  • Reinforced backrest for greater comfort


  • Large dorsal storage pocket
  • Two handwarmer pockets
  • Built-in neoprene shoulder strap radio pocket


  • Chest strap adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest support incline
  • Shoulder straps adjustments


  • Polyamide 420D Diamond Ripstop
  • Cordura light


  • EN 1651
  • LTF

Weight: 3.6 kg

Colors: Blue

Sizes: S, M, L

Made in Europe




Pilot Size (cm) 155-175 170-195
Complete Harness Weight (g) 3610 3650
Backrest Height (cm) 58 68
Backrest Tilt Adjustments (cm) 28 34
Seat Depth (cm) 40 47
Hooking Point Height (cm) 40 40