Lightness 2 (Lightweight, Full Featured Pod)


LIGHTNESS 2 - Original reloaded
Well-proven – now perfected. The LIGHTNESS concept created a new category of harness, and now this second generation takes the best of the original and adds to its safety, comfort and style. With a weight from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, but, in its current form, it completely satisfies the needs of the ambitious cross country pilot. It has an integrated reserve, certified protector and improved aerodynamics; and again comes with its own rucksack, now including a COMPRESSBAG light.

3 products, 1 concept. With its LTF certified foam protector and built-in reserve system the LIGHTNESS 2 is a fully operational harness for XC and Hike&Fly pilots who like to travel in comfort with light equipment. In the package are the harness and its LIGHTPACK 2, including the COMPRESSBAG LIGHT.

So that the paraglider takes up a minimum of space in the rucksack ADVANCE deliver the LIGHTNESS 2 with a compression bag. The COMPRESSBAG light replaces your paraglider’s usual inner bag and goes perfectly with the LIGHTNESS 2. Compactly stowed equipment is much more comfortable to carry.
The LIGHTPACK 2 rucksack was designed specifically for the LIGHTNESS 2 harness. Both sizes (82ltr and 90ltr) are arranged to carry a normal size paraglider, the LIGHTNESS 2 harness with speedbag, helmet and the necessary clothing. The compactness and geometry of the system means that the rucksack can be carried equally comfortably by small and large pilots.

Harness Features:

  • Speedbag sizes interchangeable thanks to coordinated zipper system
  • Failure-proof 10mm / 15mm harness system with “easy adjust” buckles
  • Neoprene leg strap covers
  • Clearly defined sitting position for ideal aerodynamics
  • Reduced cross section for minimum drag
  • Ball bearing speed system, comfortable to push
  • Cockpit with large and detachable instrument panel

*The hammock principle means that the harness adapts itself exactly to the pilot’s body shape. The seat surface width becomes that of the pilot, and this dimension sets the height of the carabiner suspension points.

Important: Pilots in the following intermediate height ranges (165 to 172 cms - S or M harness, and 178 to 183 cms - M or L harness) are recommended to test both relevant speedbag sizes for the best fit. The correct speedbag length is fundamental to comfort and a flawless shape.

The Lightness 2 Delivery includes:

  • Harness and speedbag with carbon footboard
  • 2 Alias carabiners
  • Reserve connection lines and release handle connected to the four flap inner container
  • Built-in cockpit
  • Foam protector for the seat area
  • Comfort foam for the back
  • Speed system (2 gray speed lines with Brummel hooks, 2 gray connections for length adjustment, 1 gray speed loop with gray footboard connection loop)
  • ‘Getting started’ booklet

Sizing Chart:





Pilot height cm 155-172 165-183 178-200
Seating width cm - - -
Carabiner height cm - - -
Chest strap width cm 40-48 40-48 40-48
Harness weight kg 2.8 2.95 3.05
Load test EN 1651, 120 kg EN 1651, 120 kg EN 1651, 120 kg
Certification foam protector LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09
Rucksack volume l 82 82 90
Weight rucksack kg 0.84 0.84 0.88
Weight Compressbag light g 150 150 155