Gin X-Lite Container (Lightweight)


The X-Lite rescue deck is a light, front-mounted rescue container that is suitable for both hike ’n fly and also for longer XC flying.

2 options are available:

1. X-lite with integrated hang strap/bridle

The bridle and hang strap are integrated. This enables you to neatly and conveniently attach your rescue to your main carabiners without requiring an additional bridle (e.g. Genie X-alps, Yeti Xtrem).

2. X-lite with hang strap only

The hang strap attaches the X-Lite rescue container to your main carabiners. In addition, an optional rescue bridle (not supplied) is required to attach your rescue to the shoulder attachment points of your harness (e.g. Yeti harness, Yeti convertible).

Weight: 190g