Gin Concertina Bag

BZPG Note: This is Bozeman Paragliding's favorite concertina bag for its lightness and simplicity.


Protect your investment with the GIN concertina bag. Folding your wing using the concertina method maintains optimum performance and inflation characteristics by maintaining the shape of the leading edge and by minimizing panel stretching and fabric abrasion.

There is an integrated pocket to secure the risers. Alternatively, the risers can be left attached to your harnesses. A flap system with buckles along 2/3rds of the length holds the wing in place neatly and integrated straps secure the folded bag.

High quality materials are used throughout, chosen for their durability and light weight. Mesh is used along the sides of the bag to promote airflow and to keep your glider as dry as possible.

Size: 3.0m (fits most solo gliders / 2.5m (for Boomerang)

Color: Red

Weight: 420g (2.5m) / 460g (3.0m)