Advance Tubebag (Concertina)


Product Details

The TUBEBAG is 280 cm long, weighs only 304 gm and is intended for pilots for whom every gram counts – those who walk up to their takeoffs, or wish to keep the advantages of a cell bag for Hike & Fly or traveling.

This is the new and improved 2022 version.


  • Length: 280 cm
  • Weight: 304 g
  • Color: Glacier Blue


  • Completely closable by zipper
  • Opening at the end of the zipper – convenient if the glider remains attached to the harness
  • Straightforward packing
  • Keeping the leading edge shape and promoting long life
  • Perfect storage thanks to: Protection from the outside world / Air circulation inside

EASY TO CLOSE: With its three side click-buckles and all round zip the TUBEBAG is quick to close.

RISERS: Can be secured under two rubber rings.

AN EFFECTIVE ANTI-SNAGGING-SLIDER: Prevents glider fabric and lines from being also zipped.

A NETTING SURFACE: In the front ensures good ventilation.