Advance Progress 2 (Fully featured, Reversible)


The PROGRESS 2 benefits from all the knowledge that ADVANCE have gained from their harness research and development over the last few years. As a result this outstanding product represents a combination of many innovations: it’s an extremely light, no-seatboard harness with built-in reserve system and a LTF certified airbag with outstanding protection values. Something absolutely unique in this harness class! This all round harness is best suited to the classic leisure pilot, Hike & Fly pilots and travelers.

Light and safe
The PROGRESS 2 is an extremely light 3.5kg reversible harness, with no compromise in safety. The PROGRESS 2 protector passed the LTF test with flying colors, and achieved absolutely top protector scores. The airbag fills with air very quickly after takeoff. As soon as maximum stagnation pressure has been reached, air is additionally bled into the back compartment of the harness, and this complements the function of the back protector throughout flight and landing.

Ergonomic and comfortable
The PROGRESS 2 is another in the line of no-seatboard harnesses from ADVANCE. The ergonomic seat surface fits the body like a second skin. The result is a very high level of comfort as well as excellent handling both in the air and on the ground. But it’s not just as a harness that the PROGRESS 2 impresses – sophisticated geometry magics it into a highly comfortable rucksack.

The PROGRESS 2 has just received its EN/LTF certification and will be available in two colors and 3 sizes. It looks as if the first test harnesses in M size will be ready at the end of March. The actual price is to be determined.

New type of reserve system
The PROGRESS 2 reserve is stowed in the rear of the harness. This leaves space for the back protector and also makes walking and kiting easier as the reserve is not bumping the pilot in the back of the legs. Also, the weight of the reserve hangs from the shoulders – the sense of free movement on the ground is greatly enhanced.

More Facts:

  • Reserve inner container size is variable.
  • The reserve handle sits close to the body and is easy to grab in any situation.
  • The reserve is well protected from outside disturbance, and unintentional release.
  • Reserve deployment has been successfully tested in various situations under 4kg loading in the G-Force-Trainer.
  • All reserve handling is straightforward and clear.
  • Stowing the reserve in the PROGRESS 2 is simple. Exact packing instructions will be shown in the owner’s manual.

Important Details:

  • Seat area that fits the body perfectly
  • Outstanding comfort when standing, moving around and taking off
  • Air-filled back area
  • High-scoring protector
  • Easy-adjust buckles
  • Adjustable sitting angle
  • Shoulder reserve suspension
  • Drink tube openings and securing points in rucksack mode
  • Detachable waist belt
  • Various attachment possibilities and pockets
  • Adjustable and stowable net helmet holder
  • Closeable pocket on the waist belt
  • Stowage bungee on the back compartment
  • Drink tube fixture on the shoulder strap
  • Hand rest loops on the shoulder straps for comfortable walking
  • Rucksack compression system included as standard
  • 2 Alu main carabiners (Alias)
  • Harness/reserve V-connection, and combined reserve handle and four flap inner container
  • Speedbar holdback
  • Ball bearing speed line pulleys
  • “Getting started” booklet





Pilot Height (cm) 155-172 165-187 175-202

Optional Extras

  • Foot stirrup (including integrated speed system)