Advance Access 4 (XC, Recreational)


AXESS 4 – Elementary Allrounder
The AXESS is the classic ADVANCE beginner harness, and this fourth generation is simpler, more compact and safer than ever before. Alongside the experienced Air-Foam Hybrid main protector we now have, for the first time in an AXESS, removable SAS-TEC visco-elastic soft-foam panels acquired from the world of motor sport. The packed harness volume and elementary features like Balance-Strap, Easy Connect and a natural adjustment system qualify this seatboard harness as an allrounder, where straightforward and trouble-free handling is important.

The AXESS 4 has all the basic qualities needed for a beginner and allround harness. These range from easy adjustment, a plain and simple closure system, a safe and reliable riser clip-in procedure to the ease of sitting properly after takeoff – and the important standing-up-again before landing.

Simple and comfortable
The AXESS 4 is built to be robust. It has a seatboard, and the main protector is now joined by SAS-TEC crash protection. For a harness of this sophistication its packed volume is surprisingly small. When packing, the back section folds snugly to the seatboard, and the Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector also compresses when squeezed in the glider rucksack.

Fully-functioning protection
As its main protector the AXESS 4 has the removable ADVANCE Air-Foam Hybrid-Model – now in its third iteration. This protector was originally developed for the AXESS 2, and is ready for its full protecting function before any takeoff attempt. Visco-elastic SAS-TEC components are also installed at the sides and up the entire back. These defend the pilot against impacts and pointed obstructions.





Pilot Height (cm) 155-172 165-183 178-202
Seating Width (cm) 34 35.5 37
Seatboard Depth (cm) 40
44 46
Carabiner Height (cm) 42 44 46
Chest Strap Width (cm) 42-54 42-54 42-54
Harness Weight (kg)
3.7 3.9 4.1
Weight Speed System (kg)
0.08 0.08 0.08
Harness Certification EN 1651 & LTF 91/09 (120kg)