Ozone Fazer 3 (Speedwing, Foot and Ski-Launch)


  • Optimized profile for wider flight range
  • New riser system Steeper glide with more stability
  • Higher top speed
  • Same easy launch
  • Same excellent flare

The mission of the Fazer series is to offer the most versatile speed wing possible with performance and ease of use for both foot launch and ski launch flying. The Fazer 3’s quick and precise launch characteristics are ideal for summer foot launching. The redesigned trimmer system offers a new mode of steep flight with reduced efficiency and increased stability for winter speed-riding.

This widening of the flight range has been an ongoing effort. Finding a balance that ensures relatively easy foot launch behavior and at the same time the ability to stick to steep terrain in winter speed-riding is not easy, but we think you will agree that the Fazer 3 covers the bases. At average wingloadings foot launching is attainable even for intermediate level pilots, and with trimmers released the wing’s glide performance is reduced to the point that carving terrain on skis or slowing the wing down for fully-unweighted ski turns becomes manageable. Thanks to its low aspect ratio and reduced sail weight, the Fazer 3 stays stable overhead and tracks with the skier effortlessly when weight is transferred away from the wing to the slope.

While the available trim adjustment is significant, there is also plenty of glide range available using brakes only. This extended brake range is useful in situations where sink rate must be reduced, for instance when dynamic soaring in wind. The range is progressive and gives plenty of warning before stall.

Our mission for the Fazer 3 launch was to maintain the ease of use that the Fazer series has become known for. Like its predecessor, the wing snaps up immediately and symmetrically. The profile is reinforced at every cell, ensuring an open leading edge for quick inflation. With no tendency to overshoot, the Fazer 3 settles overhead and is ready for cliff launches, steep ski lines, or a running start. You can tailor the launch behavior to your needs by adjusting the trimmers to taste.

The Fazer 3 is more dynamic. Roll behavior has been increased slightly, but remains very manageable. Overall, the compact feeling of the F2 remains, but barrel rolls are quicker and the wing continues through the roll with less input needed. We maintained focus on a balanced internal pressure and solid span-wise tension, retaining a very coordinated feel in the air with absolutely zero “wobble” or “accordion” movement. This stability makes for an extremely precise, smooth, and confidence-inspiring ride for pilots who are shaving terrain. Speed flying is a game of inches for many pilots and the precision of the Fazer series remains unmatched, in our experience. We worked very hard to eliminate all parasitic sail movement and the handling of the Fazer 3 can only be described as precise, and exact.

Barrel rolls, steep banking turns, and 360s: The Fazer 3’s sink rate in the turn can be adjusted and fine-tuned. If you want a snappy barrel roll with little altitude loss, it’s possible with the proper input. If you want a more diving turn for 100m descent in a couple of seconds, the leading edge is easy to point at the ground. Flatter turns for dynamic soaring are also possible. Thanks to the extensive brake range, the Fazer 3 is a flexible tool in your hands The recovery arc is progressive and easy to predict, making it easy to gauge and control altitude loss in the turn.

She swoops. We maintained the swoopable design and flare power of the Fazer 2, but improved speed in the dive. Transitioning out of the dive on brakes is highly effective and the large amount of energy retention in the wing makes it easy to shave off the altitude in tiny increments during your final turn. Risers can also be used, but gentle paragliding-style inputs are needed. The Fazer 3 is not a parachute.

The Fazer 3 is ideal for experienced speed flying pilots when heavily loaded, but is still very suitable for newer pilots at lighter wingloadings. Choose your size carefully with the advice of your OZONE dealer or instructor, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy flying this latest addition to the Fazer series as much as we have enjoyed developing and testing it, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.






Number of cells 17 17 17 17
Projected area (m2) 7.07 8.84 10.63 12.42
Flat Area (m2) 7.96 9.96 11.97 13.99
Projected Span (m) 4.33 4.84 5.3 5.73
Flat Span (m) 5.23 5.85 6.41 6.93
Projected Aspect Ratio 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65
Flat Aspect ratio 3.43 3.43 3.43 3.43
Root Chord 1.82 2.04 2.24 2.42
Weight (kg) 2.1 2.4 2.75 3
EN (EN) 926 (EN) 926 (EN) 926 (EN) 926


  • Top Surface Cloth: Dominico 30g
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Dominico 30g
  • Rib cloth: Dominico 70g
  • Upper lines: Liros DSL Dyneema 70Kgs
  • Main Riser Lines/mids: Edelrid 6843 Aramid 230/190Kgs


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