Gin Nano (Speedwing, Foot and Ski-Launch)


GIN pioneered speedriding with the Nano early in winter 2005/2006, and it is still the reference today. It is designed for schooling and regular practice. The Nano follows GIN's philosophy: simple, easy, safe and fun.

Sizes: 9.5m - 11m - 12.5m - 14m

  • The 14m is suitable for heavyweight beginners and intermediate pilots.
  • The 12.5m is suitable for lightweight beginners and intermediate pilots.
  • The 11m is suitable for very lightweight beginners and intermediate pilots.
  • The 9.5m is suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots who want to go further in the practice of free riding.

The 5th generation, the NANO 2012, is another step forward from its predecessors.

There are no great changes to such a winning formula, but we managed to improve the canopy and the trimming.

The NANO 2012 follows your ride gently, damps the air movements and the terrain, and it gives you the feedback that makes it easy to pilot.

It has a wide speed range, and is able to be flown more slowly than its predecessor. In addition, it has a trim system to vary the glide angle to speed up or slow down your flight. Adjust the glide angle of the Nano to match your skill and the terrain, even when it is steep. All sizes are very easy to inflate and launch, extremely solid in flight, and offer an easy, progressive and responsive reaction to your inputs.

The turn is highly 'skiable' and better balanced between yaw and roll, without parasitic lift.

Lift comes clearly and obviously when you decide.

In addition to the latest technical improvements, are optimized and improved materials. This is the direct result of our experience of many hours of use in harsh, extreme off-piste environments and also in schools.

The NANO is supplied complete with a specially designed 'SPEEDRIDE 2012' convertible harness/rucksack, carabiners and a fast-packing bag. There is also a 'zip and clip' airbag, which is perfectly suited to both school and regular use.

Choose your size according to your weight and - more importantly - experience.






FLAT AREA 9.5m2 11m2 12.5m2 14m2
SPAN 6.29m 6.72m 7.00m 7.26m
AR 3.77 3.77 3.77 3.77
TOTAL HEIGHT 3.75 4.01 4.27 4.43
CELL NUMBER 18 18 18 18
GLIDER WEIGHT 2.2kg 2.4kg 2.6kg 2.7kg