Reserve Repack


It is recommended to have your reserve repacked once a year. Frequent repacks often expose and correct problems with your reserve, handle or deployment system that you never knew you had. Issues with "velcro lock," your pin or pins, handle slack, dirt and moisture are problems that are commonly exposed and resolved during a repack. In addition, if a reserve is stored and flown in the same position for too long, it will have less of a tendency to open quickly when you need it.

We recommend sitting in a simulator (which can be improvised with two ropes of equal length from a tree branch or beam) and doing a practice deployment before sending us the reserve. This may expose deployment problems with your harness. There is no need to throw the reserve after it is out of your harness - the intention of the practice deployment is to see that your reserve will come out of the harness when needed. We have a simulator available if you're in the area.

Bring or send your reserve, diaper bag and handle to Bozeman Paragliding, and we'll have it repacked within a few days.