Nova Ion 6 (EN B, Easy)


ION 4 - Performance for All
High performance, light and a master at turning: the ION 4 has a better glide than the MENTOR 3. From 3.95 kg (XXS) it is feather light and thanks to its smart brakes, it offers impressive handling and climb performance. Discover the new milestone in the ION series!

Performance inside
The result of analytical improvements and technologies like the Smart Cells, the Air Scoop and the new PPSL 191 lines have assisted us to create a wing with groundbreaking performance data. The ION 4 performs better than the MENTOR 3 - to date the only EN certified B wing to have flown a 300km FAI triangle. But the demand on the pilot stays the same: an ION is an ION and it offers performance for all.

Smart Brakes
Our design team used the idea of Smart Cells to create Smart Brakes. The team designed a new geometry, so that the brakes run in line with the direction of force. A refined canopy shape and tapered wing tips underpin the design optimization. The result: a brake configuration that pulls down the trailing edge symmetrically and with little effort. This means the wing is easier to turn, climbs more efficiently and is more fun to fly.

Feather light technology bundle
The ION 4 is a well thought out adventure intermediate, that is also wonderfully simple to fly. With only 3.95 kilograms (XXS) it makes the carry up or mountain adventure easy. The light weight makes the ION 4 simple to launch and improves its extreme flight behavior. The reduced weight is the result of smart material selection and an optimized internal construction which has been subjected to rigorous strength analysis.

The ION 4 is suitable for a wide spectrum of pilots. It offers a high degree of passive safety and is suitable for use in schools, so long as your country sanctions the use of an EN B wing for training. On the other hand, the glider has impressive performance, which makes the ION 4 a wing for all occasions. It is suitable for gifted beginners as well as experienced pilots with cross-country ambitions. To the members of the development team it is of great importance that the demands on the pilots remain constant from one glider generation to the next. An ION is an ION.

Like the MENTOR, the ION is in a class of its own and with good reason – with each generation of wing the demand on the pilot has remained constant. What has changed is the performance, handling and the associated enjoyment of flight.

On the ION 4 we have used a clever brake geometry - brake attachment points are positioned on the trailing edge to run in line with the direction of force. We call this Smart Brakes. The optimized brake geometry results in a clean trailing edge which markedly improves performance during slow flight.

The tapered design of the wing tips is new and they are narrower in comparison to the ION 3. The result is a wing that is much easier to turn. The new wing tips, in combination with the Smart Brakes, has produced a handling which really excited our test pilots.

We have used the know-how gained from our strength analysis testing in combination with our laser cutters to optimize the weight of the ION 4. The wing is as light as possible without compromising on strength and durability. Size XXS weighs less than 4kg while remaining extremely robust. Thanks to its lightweight and great durability we have been able to combine the ION and the ION light into one product: the ION 4 has all the advantages in one great glider.

One for all - the ION 4 offers ultimate flexibility. With little weight, it is excellent for hike & fly; its good performance makes it hungry for distance and thanks to its good nature many pilots will have blissful flights on this wing.

New technologies: The ION 4 has been kitted out with all the features that make our wings perform so well. As well as Smart Cells and Air Scoop we have also used the new PPSL-191 lines for the first time. These reduce drag by approximately 12 percent - in comparison to conventional PPSL-160 lines, which are equally strong.







Number of cells 49
Projected span 8.02 8.44 8.82 9.22 9.62
Projected area 18.65 20.65 22.57 24.62 26.81
Projected aspect ratio 3.44
Flat span 10.65 11.21 11.72 12.24 12.78
Flat area 22.06 24.31 26.69 29.12 31.71
Flat aspect ratio 5.14
Line diameter 0.7 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.3
Line length 6.24 6.57 6.87 7.17 7.49
Total line length 217 229 240 250 262
Max. chord 2.57 2.70 2.83 2.95 3.08
Min. chord 0.59 0.63 0.66 0.68 0.71
Weight 3.95 4.30 4.65 4.95 5.30
Recommended take off weight 55-80 70-90 80-100 90-110 100-130
Certification (EN) B B B B B