Advance Omega X-Alps 2 (EN D, Lightweight)


OMEGA XALPS 2 – Ready to Race
Intended as a Light Racer for the X-Alps 2017, and developed as a High-End cross country wing: the OMEGA XALPS 2 benefits from extensive SIGMA 10 development and the knowledge won from the OMEGA XALPS, in equal measure. This Light Racer not only shows very high directional and pitch stabilities in lively air, but has an exceptionally effective and easy-to-push gas pedal. And one should not discount sensational weights from 3.3 kg ...

Strong performer in bumpy air
69 cells, 22 % fewer line support points than the predecessor and a significant reduction of line meters: the technical data for the OMEGA ALPS 2 (flat aspect ratio 7.04) speaks for itself. Additional features include improved stress distribution and refined spanwise curvature. The result is a sporty high-end cross country wing that stands out by its outstanding into-wind performance and high degree of pitch and directional stability.

Flyable at high speeds
The high degree of pitch and directional stability of the OMEGA XALPS 2 is not just very helpful for glide performance in bumpy air, but is also convenient for the pilot on long cross country flights. The OMEGA XALPS 2’s exceptionally stable canopy is very comfortable to handle in turbulent air for a wing of its classification. And the stability even goes up when accelerated. The speed system is easy-pushing and effective, and the Pitch Control System, which pulls both C and B levels down, gives something of a two-liner feeling to the pilot ...

Robust, Quality light-build design
The OMEGA XALPS 2 intended especially for the 2017 X-Alps race. There, every gram counts, as well as performance. Moreover, an adventure race makes very high demands on the structure. The OMEGA XALPS 2 has been built in the ADVANCE Quality Light-build style and is particularly robust. The serial version (EN/LTF-D) will be available from September in three sizes to cover a weight range of 70 to 110 kg.

The OMEGA XALPS 2 has Sliced Diagonals inside the wing to provide ideal tension distribution at minimum weight. Extensive work on this technology enabled many line support points to be saved, as well as ensuring the stable shape of the canopy itself, even under demanding aerodynamic and mechanical conditions.

The OMEGA XALPS 2 was supplied with a modern Pitch Control System. The associated C-handles convey some of the pull on the C lines to the B level as well. This makes it possible to steer without deforming the canopy profile, therefore avoiding a performance penalty.


Leading edge Porcher Sport Skytex 32 Universal
Upper surface Porcher Sport Skytex 27 classic 2
Lower surface Porcher Sport Skytex 27 classic 2
Designstripe Porcher Sport Skytex 32 Universal
Profile line Porcher Sport Skytex 32 Hard
Porcher Sport Skytex 27 hard finish
Profile without line Porcher Sport Skytex 27 hard finish
main lines Edelrid A-8000U-230/190/130
galery lines Edelrid A-8000U-130/090/070/050
brake lines Edelrid A-9200-130/070
Steering line Edelrid A-7850-240







Flat surface m2 22 23 24.55
Projected surface m2 18.9 19.7 21.0
Recommended takeoff weight kg 70 - 85 80 - 97 90 - 110
Glider weight kg 3.3 3.5 3.7
Span m 12.45 12.73 13.15
Projected span m 9.94 10.16 10.5
Aspect ratio 7.05 7.05 7.05
Projected aspect ratio 5.25 5.25 5.25
Number of cells 69 69 69
Number of risers 3 3 3