Icaro Nerv


The Design
Designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with the technical consultancy from the greatest Italian helmet developer.

The 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell has the advantage to be very light but still very strong. The polystyrene is reinforced with one more layer of polycarbonate to achieve the hard penetration test of the E.N. 966 certification.

Between the polycarbonate shell and the polystyrene there are 2 channels with their wholes for the air flow.

Visor (optional)
Visors are available separately in four styles:

  • Clear
  • Orange Tint
  • Gray Tint
  • Mirror

You can open or close the entrance of the air into the helmet just with one hand and while you are flying.

Interchangeable internal padding
Three internal pads are adapted to the three sizes determined by the wheel regulator situated in the back of the helmet. They can be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces which included the wheel regulator. If the helmet is not a perfect fit, contact us and we will exchange padding to achieve the desired fit.

One major advantage to the interchangeable padding is that you can easily remove and wash or replace it with a new one.

Ear Coverage
The Nerv includes soft ear protect which is easily removable.

Certification E.N. 966
The Nerv has been tested by the Italian laboratory Newton a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport and recognized by the German TUV.

All our helmets are designed especially for free flight and micro light pilots, in accordance with the European standards (EN 966).

Our helmets were designed and built specifically to be as light as possible. However they optimize safety for hang glider, paraglider and micro light pilots, as shown by the information above.

For more information about the E.N. 966 test please read the Icaro website page about safety.


  • Helmet 530 grams
  • Visor 93 grams

The are 3 available sizes with wheel regulator for a perfect fit of the head circumference from 53 cm to 61 cm.

  • Small (cm 53 - 54 - 55- 56)
  • Medium (cm 57 - 58 - 59)
  • Large (cm 60 - 61)
The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.
The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference.









Head Circ. (in)

20–20 1/2

20 7/8–21 1/4

21 5/8–22

22 1/2–22 7/8

23 1/4–23 5/8

24–24 3/8

24 3/4–25 4/4

Head Circ. (cm)








US Hat Size

6 6/8–6 1/2

6 5/8–6 3/4

6 7/8–7

7 1/8–7 1/4

7 3/8–7 1/2

7 5/8–7 3/4

7 7/8–8