Advance Access 3 (XC, Recreational)


AXESS 3 AIR - Compact All-rounder
The AXESS 3 AIR is a very light and comfortable compact harness, with a Hybrid Airbag. As a genuine allrounder this harness is ideally suited for both leisure pilots and beginners. The AXESS 3 AIR makes pure enjoyment of hours-long thermaling flights.

Easy Handling
Much freedom of movement on the ground and easy sliding back into the seat after takeoff – these are two of the strengths that show off the AXESS 3 AIR. In addition, redesigned harness geometry makes adjustment simple, and improved back support offers excellent comfort.

Compact & Light
The AXESS 3 AIR has an exceptionally small packed volume, due to the highly compressible Hybrid Airbag. Delivered with a carbon seatboard as standard, this allround harness has an impressively low weight of around 3.5kg. The AXESS 3 AIR’s elegant look is a result of ADVANCE 3D design technology.

Always Ready
The Hybrid Airbag automatically takes on its working shape and full volume immediately after unpacking. The foam framework inside the protector makes sure that it directly and independently fills with air while still on the ground – without the need for continuous airflow. This novel system provides a high level of passive safety, from the first to last moment of your flight.

Important Details

  • Well-proven and simple ADVANCE two-buckle combined chest-and-leg-strap closure system
  • Shoulder strap support points for the reserve
  • Carbon seatboard
  • Velcro on the shoulder strap for a Solario
  • 2 integral side pockets
  • Speed system fixtures
  • Slot for Camelback tube
  • Provision for foot stirrup (foot stirrup available as an option)

Package Contents

  • AXESS 3 AIR harness with carbon seat board
  • 2 Aluminium main carabiners (Alias)
  • Reserve parachute bridle and deployment handle with associated four flap inner container
  • Hold-back for the speed bar
  • Booklet "Getting started"
  • Foot Stirrup Optional





Pilot Height (cm) 155-172 165-187 175-202
Seatboard Width (cm) 34 35.5 37
Seatboard Length (cm) 38 41 43
Carabiner Height (cm) 42 44 46
Weight of Harness (kg) 3.3 3.5 3.65
Chest Strap Width (cm) 44-54
Load Test DIN EN 1651, 120 kg
Foam Protector Certification LTF 91/09