Security In Flight 2


Jocky Sanderson, one of the world's top pilots and leading SIV instructors, is back with Security in Flight II - the defining safety film on paraglider flight control.

From Jocky:
“We made the original Security In Flight film in 1996. Over the years, we like to think that it has helped thousands of people to become better and safer pilots, which was our primary aim in making it, so, having achieved this, we feel it was a success.

Indeed, it is very gratifying to see the film still being used worldwide by schools and pilots of all levels. We would sincerely like to thank those of you that bought a copy and hope that you found it helpful and informative.

Now 1996 was quite a long time ago, especially in a relatively young sport such as paragliding. The evolution of paragliders has been fast and progressive and we have felt for a few years that Security In Flight was starting to become outdated, as glider design and handling in some maneuvers, were demanding different recovery techniques to those used in the 1990's.

We decided to make Security In Flight II. It took a while to formulate a plan and come up with the funding, contrary to popular belief, we don't actually make much money from these filming projects and money isn't our prime motivation for making them.

The idea was not just to address the differences between current and older generation gliders but to make a completely new film using the latest technology, equipment and techniques available today. We also wanted to highlight the subtle difference between standard and high performance gliders and to try to dispel some paragliding myths.

It has taken 3 years to complete and the film has evolved to cover more than just SIV subjects in disc 1. In Disc 2 we have included important topics such as testing, certification, reserve deployments, exits from locked in spiral dives, harness setting & water landings, and interviews. We hope pilots will be dipping in and out of different chapters in the film and using it more like a reference book as apposed to a single view film.

We have, in total, descended well over 200,000 meters and recorded over 100 hours of film in four countries, over an 22 month period.In addition to the filming is the editing and post production, which was a mammoth task and took up over 90 working days to complete.

I feel that the entire team did an incredible job and I am very proud of it. We all hope that you enjoy watching this film, as much as we have enjoyed making it.I would like to thank all those people who have helped to make this film and to thank you, the pilot, for making it all possible. I have intentionally kept the price low to enable all pilots to be able to benefit from the information. By buying the original of this great value double DVD pack, with a 120 page manual, you will be helping us to carry on producing more educational DVD's. So together we can help make paragliding safer and more fun, for all of us who are privileged to share the love of this great sport.” ~ Jocky Sanderson