Nova Prion 3 (EN A)


PRION 3 - Hungry for Adventure
Enjoyment through innovation: the PRION 3 offers up-to-date features combined with an intelligent material mix, which substantially reduces the canopy weight. The result is a wing that excites with its agile handling, but which you can trust completely. Have your adventures on the PRION 3!

More Paraglider
The PRION 3 is full of features which make it very safe but it also has lots of performance. Whether you are doing top-to-bottoms, crossing valleys or attempting FAI triangles - the PRION 3 is simple to fly and convinces with its playful handling and impressive performance. There are no limits to your adventures.

Light and Progressive
Less weight, same durability: the PRION 3 is a weight-optimized wing that is also tough.  The outer shell is made of robust material but the glider weight is reduced through lightweight materials and innovative structural design inside the wing. The result is a wing that is light to carry, easy to launch but still tough and durable.

Simple and Safe
Like its predecessors, the PRION 3 is brilliantly simple: few lines means easy sorting. The low aspect ratio of 4.7 means a high degree of passive safety. The handling is agile and also balanced, which helps pilots during all phases of a flight. Other safety features are the thoughtfully designed riser and adjustable brake handles.

The PRION 3 is a good-natured wing with simple and balanced flying characteristics, which makes it the perfect paraglider for newcomers and improvers. The PRION 3 convinces with complete simplicity when sorting lines, its launch characteristics and when turning. Thanks to its excellent performance, there is good potential for cross-country flights.

PRION 3 Specification

  • The risers are differentiated by colors: red (left) and green (right). This color coding also features on the ALTUS harness. This helps to avoid clipping in the wrong way.
  • The PRION 3 is fitted with an Adjustable Handle as standard. This is an innovative brake handle, which can be individually adjusted to the pilot's hand and this makes it easier to hold in the correct position. The Adjustable Handle was developed in collaboration with the DHV.
  • The risers and lines follow the PMA recommended color scheme: A = red, B = yellow, C = blue, brake = orange, stabilo line = green.
  • Inside the wing, the PRION 3 is weight-optimized, which makes it easier to carry, easier to launch and smoother in extreme flight. For more information see the Weight Optimized section below.
  • The PRION 3 is full of NOVA's innovations like Smart Cells or Double 3D Shaping - for more information see the Technologies section below.






Number of cells 39
Projected span 7.98 8.49 8.98 9.45
Projected area 19.24 21.81 24.38 27.98
Projected aspect ratio 3.3
Flat span 10.25 10.91 11.54 12.14
Flat area 22.54 25.54 28.55 31.61
Flat aspect ratio 4.66
Line diameter 1 / 1.4 / 1.85
Line length 6.12 6.52 6.89 7.25
Total line length 213 226 240 252
Max. chord 2.73 2.91 3.08 3.24
Min. chord 0.76 0.81 0.85 0.9
Weight 4.7 5.0 5.4 5.7
Recommended take off weight 60-85 75-100 90-110 100-130
Certification (EN/LTF) A (TBD) A A A