Gin Bolero 6 (EN A)

The instinctive choice

Ever since its first version in 1999, the Bolero has provided a solid foundation for thousands of pilots to develop their skills—from the first steps on the training slopes to soaring effortlessly among the clouds.

Start your flying career the right way

The Bolero 6 is intended as a first paraglider, suitable for school use but also for regular pilots who want to fly relaxed. The glider gives just the right amount of feedback to enable pilots to develop instinctive flying skills in a safe, comfortable and progressive manner.

2nd generation EPT for improved take-off behavior

The Bolero 6 features the second iteration of EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology), our numerical method of calculating the best possible airfoil parameters for any given profile. Introduced in the Bolero 5, EPT brought many beginner-friendly improvements, such as a long and progressive brake range and a low stall speed. The Bolero 6 features further improvements such as improved take-off behavior, stability and handling.

The Bolero 6 has 3 risers and 3 main lines spanwise per side. The simple riser and reduction in line consumption makes it easier to identify and sort out lines on the ground.

A well-balanced glider

The handling of the Bolero 6 strikes the balance needed to optimally develop a pilot's flying instincts. The brakes are precise yet forgiving. The turn is responsive and playful, but always coordinated and comfortable. The wing gives clean and intelligible feedback which makes it easy to learn about the air, whilst the reduced mini-oscillations ensure that pilots make comfortable progress towards flying in more active air. All this means simply more fun!

Technical details

  • 2nd generation Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT)
  • 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise
  • Split A risers and clear labeling for easy big ears
  • Labelled B riser (e.g. for B-stall)
  • Color-coded lines for easy identification
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Trailing edge mini-ribs








FLAT AREA 22.32m2 24.22m2 26.36m2 28.60m2 30.93m2 34.10m2
SPAN 10.35m 10.78m 11.25m 11.72m 12.19m 12.79m
A.R 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80
PROJECTED AREA 19.37m2 21.02m2 22.88m2 24.82m2 26.85m2 29.60m2
SPAN 8.34m 8.69m 9.07m 9.45m 9.82m 10.31m
A.R 3.59 3.59 3.59 3.59 3.59 3.59
CHORD 2.68m 2.79m 2.91m 3.04m 3.16m 3.31m
CELL NUMBER 36 36 36 36 36 36
GLIDER WEIGHT 4.2kg 4.45kg 4.7kg 5.0kg 5.25kg 5.7kg
WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 55~80kg 65~90kg 75~100kg 85~110kg 95~120kg 105~135kg


  • Upper surface leading edge: Dominico Dokdo 30D (water repellent) 41 g/m2
  • Upper surface: Dominico Dokdo 20D (water repellent) 34 g/m2
  • Lower surface leading edge: Dominico Dokdo 30D (water repellent) 41 g/m2
  • Lower surface: Porcher Skytex (water repellent) 40 g/m2


  • Upper: GIN TGL 80 Aramid
  • Middle: GIN TGL 125 / 145 Aramid
  • Main: GIN TGL 125, 180. 220, 280 Aramid