Advance PI 2 (EN A, Lightweight)


PI 2 - Light Versatility
Enjoy the freedom and versatility – in the air and on the ground. The new PI 2 is one of the lightest small-packed-volume serial wings on the market and, with the choice of four sizes - each with three weight ranges – is also one of the most versatile paragliders available today. Equally at home in thermals, for Hike & Fly or as a miniwing: with the new PI 2 it’s you who decides.

One wing, many uses
The PI 2 comes in four sizes - 16, 19, 23 and 27. Each size features three different takeoff weight (weight range) subdivisions, and the resulting variety of wing loadings call for different piloting styles and levels.

Compact, light, excellent climbing characteristics with maximum safety: In its Thermal Range the PI 2’s quiet and pitch-stable canopy is very comfortable to fly, and its small packed dimensions make it suitable for travel. The 23 and 27 version is also recommended as a first light glider. The reduced line set up gives the PI 2 impressive performance.

Hike & Fly
Easy to carry, easy to prepare, easy to handle: The Hike & Fly Range is directed at the pleasure-seeking pilot and hiker who wants to concentrate on what’s important in life - enjoying time spent in the mountains. “Air Scoop Technology” and semicircular intakes work together in this weight range to give the PI 2 a high degree of passive safety with agreeable flight characteristics.

Minimum weight and maximum wing loading: In its Miniwing Range the PI 2 conveys the Actionwing’s sense of speed. Pure dynamics alone can provide maximum flying fun; then we can add high speed contour chasing, strong wind soaring or an ultralight descent device for the alpinist: the miniwing’s very precise and concise handling needs a careful expert who is also an experienced pilot, naturally.

Riser Choice
The PI 2 is also versatile with its risers, so you can choose between Light or Standard versions. Both have serial certification, both have a speed system and they also both have the ADVANCE Easy Connect System for a reduced chance of incorrect attachment to the harness.

Easy Connect
The PI 2 risers have a new "Easy Connect System", which helps the pilot hook in correctly by using a colored marking system. This reduces the probability of the nervous beginner connecting a twisted riser, or attaching the risers to the wrong carabiners. For maximum compatibility among ADVANCE products the same colored markings will also apply, in future, to all ADVANCE harness suspension points.

The X-Alps Gen: Sliced Diagonals
Inner quality pays off. The new diagonal ribs result in a marked reduction in line meters, and this significantly raises glide performance. Even allowing for the diagonals and a complex inner structure the PI 2 has become even lighter because the diagonal ribs are actually a series of Ripstop strips, a system that proved itself so well in the OMEGA XALPS. The weave of each Ripstop strip is exactly aligned with the local tension direction: this keeps the canopy in shape and maintains its strength for a long time.

ADVANCED Air Inlet Designs
The PI 2 has “Air Scoop” technology at its leading edge. Working with the typical ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes this combination optimizes internal air pressure, so that high angles of attack can be sustained for longer. In practice this results in a significantly lowered separation (stall) point and clearly progressive brake loading. This raises the passive safety level.

PI 2






Flat surface m2 16.0 19.0 23.0 27.0
Projected surface m2 14.0 16.7 20.1 23.6
Glider weight with standard risers kg 2.20 2.50 2.90 3.25
Glider weight with light risers kg 2.05 2.35 2.75 3.10
Recommended takeoff weight kg 50-90 50-75 65-95 75-105
Increased takeoff weight kg - 75-95 95-110 105-120
Span m 8.5 9.2 10.2 11.0
Projected span m 7.0 7.6 8.4 9.1
Aspect ratio
4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Projected aspect ratio
3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Number of cells
39 39 39 39
Number of risers
3 3 3 3
Accelerator travel max. cm 10.0 10.0 12.0 12.0
Certification Recommended takeoff weight
Certification increased takeoff weight
- C B B


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