Stefan and Andy
Andy and Stefan tandem at the "M" - Bozeman, MT

A great way to get a feel for paragliding...


Got an hour? Let's go flying!

Bozeman Paragliding: Tandem Flights


Two Can Fly

Tandem flights are a great way to get a feel for paragliding with an absolute minimal investment of time and money. If you simply want a quick, exciting experience (similar to a tandem skydive) as you pass through Montana, or if you’re “testing the waters” to see if you want to further pursue the sport, a tandem flight will be perfect for you. Tandem Gift Certificates are also great for friends and relatives.


Training Hill: $50

Bozeman Paragliding now offers very short tandem flights from the training hill for $50. These flights last only about 30 seconds, but involve very little hiking and are a great way to experience a quick paragliding flight.


Mountain or Lake: $150

At our mountain sites around Bozeman, a tandem flight generally involves a hike up to launch, then a flight back down to the parking area. Flying time varies between five and thirty minutes, depending on weather conditions. The entire “hike & fly” experience takes about an hour. The point from which we launch looks over the entire Gallatin Valley and Bozeman, and includes views of at least seven mountain ranges. Beautiful!

These tandems cost $150. This money goes directly towards the cost of lessons if desired.

There is a minimum passenger weight of 50 lbs, and a maximum passenger weight of 250 lbs. No prior flying experience is necessary. The passenger is seated in front of the pilot and launching involves a short downhill run. We are generally airborne in just a few steps!

All tandems are weather dependent, so it’s advisable to have a backup day available in case the scheduled day’s weather doesn’t work out.


for groups of 8 or more

For groups of eight or more, Bozeman Paragliding offers excursions to Canyon Ferry Reservoir, about an hour and fifteen minutes to the north of Bozeman, and close to the state’s capital of Helena, MT. At Canyon Ferry, we use a tow boat which brings us about 2,500 feet over the water before we release from the tow-line and fly over the reservoir for 15 minutes or more. These flights are beautiful and fun. There is no hiking and waiting passengers can lounge at a sunny beach.


What to bring:

Email to schedule a flight or buy a gift certificate.

Last minute tandem flights can potentially be booked by calling (406) 581-2955.