Speedflying Shadow
Speedflying - Photo: Jerome Maupoint

Speed Flying


The newest way to get down the hill!

Bozeman Paragliding: Speedflying


The new craze

Speedflying is an exciting sport involving a smaller, lighter wing with a decreased glide ratio and an increased sink rate, allowing the pilot/rider to stay close to the terrain as they descend. Speedflying can be done with normal footwear anytime of the year, and is commonly done in the winter with skis.

Speedflying opens up both skiing and flying opportunities, as the smaller wings can handle more wind and turbulence than a paraglider, while also allowing a skier to "launch" out over cliffed-out terrain.

Around Montana, speedflying has become a very popular tool for getting more airtime and having more fun. We are able to fly in stronger winds and the hiking is much easier with a speedwing. Speedflying lessons are free for all current paragliding pilots, and with the relatively low price of speedflying equipment, there's really no reason not to have one in the car just in case!

Bozeman Paragliding offers both lessons and gear sales for speedflying.

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