Farmer Beaver
Matt Beechinor high over Beaver, Jackson Hole, WY

Bozeman Paragliding is a full service paragliding and speedflying school.


Come Fly With Us!

Bozeman Paragliding: Services

Flying is our passion.

The instruction we provide and the gear we sell is second to none. If you live and fly in the rockies, there is no better place to learn than bozeman paragliding.

We Offer:

Introductory Paragliding Lessons ($200 - $350)
Novice (P2) Lessons ($1600)
Maneuvers & Acro training Over Water
Mexico and Peru Tours ($600 - $750)
Paragliding Gift Certificates ($50 and up)
Speed Flying Instruction (Free after P2!)
Powered Paragliding Instruction (Free after P2!)
Equipment Sales & Service (Online Store)

Why do we fly?