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Ridge soaring the sand dunes of Huacachina



10-Day loop through a country full of culture, cuisine and diverse flying sites!

Bozeman Paragliding: Peru: $750


The country:

10-Day tours around the amazing country of Peru!

Peru is a country full of diversity in every regard: food, terrain, flying sites, wealth/poverty, wildlife, and the list could go on and on. It is the birthplace of several fruits and vegetables we now use around the world, including the tomato, avocado and potato. It is where ceviche was born and where Pisco (of Pisco Sour fame) originated. Peru is of course famous for being home to the Incan empire and their Macchu Picchu retreat, but did you know that to the east of the Andes mountains is vast Amazon rainforest, and that the Amazon river starts in Peru?

The Flying:

We will start our 10-day tour after you arrive at the Lima airport (LIM). You will get picked up there and will be taken to within blocks of the famous Miraflores launch site, either staying at a nearby hotel or in a spare bed at Andy and Ana's place. Either way, you'll be within a 5 minute walk to the launch site. We'll ridge soar the Miraflores cityscape for the first day or two as you get settled, then we'll start our adventure through Peru in our personal van, which comfortably fits 5 pilots and their paragliding gear. We may hit the newly developed Cerro San Cristobal for some city thermal and XC flying, then south to Pachacamac for slightly more remote and forgiving thermal flying, then up to Ayacucho for high altitude thermal and XC flying for those interested. The food in Ayachucho is amazing, and the town square (plaza de armas) is beautiful. After a day or two here, we'll go to Sondor for some of the most beautiful and amazing high-mountain ridge soaring you've ever experienced, literally soaring Incan ruins while overlooking massive peaks and canyons that are often draped with mist and fog. From here, some people may choose to break off from the group and take a tour of Macchu Picchu, but the van will head back towards the coast and towards Huacachina for a sandboarding and dune buggy excursion. It is possible to fly here in the sand dunes, but the main attraction is the sandboarding. From Huacachina we will go to Paracas for ocean ridge soaring and high-wind mini-wing playtime with a fabulous view of the orange ocean bluffs against a turqoise Pacific ocean. Now within a few hours of Lima, we will end our tour back at the Miraflores area for more city soaring. Cerro San Cristobal and Pachacamac are within an hour of the Miraflores site, so those remain options even when we're in Lima.

Other sites, like Mendoza and Arequipa are options for the middle of the trip - it will just depend on the desires of the group, weather, etc.

The Pilot:

Pilot level can be as low as "P2 with strong reverse launching skills" through advanced P4. Ayacucho is "strong P3 to P4," but most other sites are gentle thermals or smooth ridge soaring. Good high-wind reverse launching skills are helpful, especially at Miraflores and Paracas.

The Math:

Expect to pay approximately $40 usd per day in living expenses (food, transportation, housing) while in Peru. This works out to about $400 for the 10 day tour. Add to that your airplane ticket ($1,200) and the $750 guiding fee, and a culturally rich flying tour around Peru should come in under $2,400!

Unlike the Mexico tours, this tour is a fast-paced loop around Peru with the flying sites changing every couple of days. From ultra-urban to ultra-remote, from sea level to 5,000m, we will be all over the place! Pack light and be ready to travel and adjust for conditions as we go!

Peru tours generally take place in October or November. Andy is fluent in Spanish.

2015 Tour Dates:

• Oct 21st - 30th - 5 Spots Left!

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