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Intro Lessons


Get a hands on feel for the sport of paragliding!

Bozeman Paragliding: One Day Lessons


Get a feel for paragliding

A one day lesson will give you a good feel for the sport of paragliding with minimal monetary commitment.

Generally starting around 9:00 a.m. and ending around 1:00 p.m., you will learn the basics of ground handling, forward launching, and equipment terminology. It is common to experience your first small solo flights during this lesson. Sometimes the student will want to come back in the evening to take a few flights from the top of the training hill (200 feet). All flying takes place only after both student and instructor mutually agree that the student is ready.

This course does a great job of answering questions that the student may have about what paragliding is and whether or not it is something they want to commit to.

One Day Lessons cost $200. This money goes directly towards the full P2 lesson price of $1,600 if desired.

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Bozeman Paragliding: Two Day Lessons


expand from day one

While similar to the one day lesson, a two day lesson is perfect for getting a few more solo flights in on the second day, as well as learning more ground handling skills.

Often two day lessons are taken by potential students who are almost certain that they want to learn to fly, but only have two free days in the area to devote to paragliding. When they make it back to Bozeman to finish lessons, their $350 lesson fee will be applied in full to the $1,600 P2 lesson price.

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