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Tandem launching at Canyon Ferry Reservoir, MT

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Bozeman Paragliding: FAQ

What is paragliding?
How do I get started?
Is paragliding the same as B.A.S.E. jumping, parasailing, parachuting or skydiving?
How can I purchase a gift certificate?


Q: What is paragliding?

A: Paragliding is the simplest form of human flight. A paraglider is an aircraft that fits inside a large backpack and weighs about fifteen pounds. Together with a harness and reserve parachute, the entire backpack weighs about 40 lbs. Paragliders are commonly launched from grassy hillsides in the mountains as well as flat land with the help of mechanical advantage. Paragliders have an elongated elliptical shape. They have no motor, yet can fly for hundreds of miles and stay in the air for many hours during one flight. Paragliders are designed to stay up by maneuvering in rising air, similar to what a sailplane does. Paragliders (unlike hang gliders) have no metal framework, but rely on internal air pressure to maintain shape.


Q: How do I get started?

A: There are several ways to get started. If you’re not yet 100% sure that paragliding is for you, a Tandem Flight is recommended. If you’re pretty sure you want to paraglide, but may have limited time in the area or away from work, a One or Two Day Lesson may be the right choice. If you’re 100% sure that you want to fly, P2 Lessons are what you need. Simply email Bozeman Paragliding to get started with any of these.


Q: Is paragliding the same as B.A.S.E. jumping, parasailing, parachuting or skydiving?

A: B.A.S.E. stands for Buildings, Antennas, Span and Earth. B.A.S.E. jumpers jump off of these stationary objects, experience free-fall for a short time, then deploy a skydiving canopy designed to descend. Parasailing is done behind a boat, attached to a line and using a round sail. Skydiving is generally done from an airplane. A skydiving parachute is deployed after an extended period of free-fall, designed to bring the skydiver down to a safe landing. Paragliding differs from all of these in two major ways: There is no free-fall and a paraglider is designed to go up with no artificial mechanical force applied. The paraglider pilot will inflate the wing and bring it over his/her head before ever leaving the ground, then with a few downhill steps the pilot will fly away from the hill. If rising air is encountered, the paraglider will rise.


Q: How can I purchase a gift certificate?

A: Visit the store to purchase a gift certificate in virtually any dollar amount:

Tandem: $150
One Day Lesson: $200
Two Day Lessons: $350
P2 Lessons: $1,400
Mexico (XC & Thermal Course): $500
Gear Purchase: $50 - $6,500

A gift certificate will be printed and mailed to you or the recipient.

Please email Bozeman Paragliding with further inquiries. We enjoy answering your questions.